Zucchini/Squash grown at Kasper Creek

Romanesco Summer Zucchini


An Italian heirloom that many claim is the best-flavored summer zucchini.  A medium gray-green zucchini with flecks and prominent ribs, it has a nutty flavor and tender texture.

Zephyr Squash


Precocious, distinctive slender fruits are yellow with faint white stripes and light green blossom ends.  Unusually delicious, nutty flavor and firm texture.

PattyPan Squash


PattyPan or Scallop Squash are some of the earliest summer squashes described in the literature from the 1700's in early colonial America.  They were one of the squashes domesticated by the Native Americans and grown by northern tribes.  For a while they fell out of favor, but now they are all the rage when harvested at the 2-3 inch size when they are delicate, tender and beautiful lightly steamed, seasoned and plated with the main course. 

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