Tomatoes grown at Kasper Creek

Aunt Ruby

One of the largest green beefsteaks.  Can grow to over 1 pound and are just delicious.  They have brilliant, neon-green flesh with a strong, sweet, and fruity flavor, much tastier than most red tomatoes.  This family heirloom from Germany is beautiful and delicious, and was very popular at the market in 2018.

Chocolate Stripe

A fabulous award winning, show-stopping tomato with incredible coloring and delicious flavor. Fruits are dark red-brown with green and orange stripes.  The fruits have a wonderful, rich and sweet flavor with juicy consistency.  A great sandwich tomato and salad tomato.   This has been the most popular seller at the market since 2015.  This is also Michael's favorite!

Orange Strawberry

A vigorous, oxheart variety producing beautiful, large, strawberry-shaped (formed to a distinct tip), bright-orange fruits (inside and out).  The gorgeous, meaty fruit has a sweet, rich, complex taste unlike most yellow and orange tomatoes.

Red Oxheart

Beautiful red oxheart shaped tomatoes. Red Oxheart has vigorous vines that produce plenty of beautiful, red, tomatoes that weigh in at about 16-32 ounces. These tomatoes have a sweet and juicy flavor that will have you growing them for years. The fruits are just perfect looking. 


The name of this beef steak says it all!  A fruit of Delicious held the Guinness World Record for weight (7.75 lbs) for 28 years! Produces smooth and solid fruits that seldom crack, with small cavities, nearly solid meat, and excellent flavor.

Pruden's Purple

Large, 10 to 16 oz., dark pink, nearly purple fruits mature quite early, with the delicious flavor and good production that heirlooms are known for.

Pink Bumblebee

A stunning small red tomato has a bright, sweet flavor, and the color is vibrant fire-engine red with golden orange striping.  Salad will never be the same!

Purple Bumblebee

Added to its good looks, the 1.5” tomatoes have the perfect balance of sweet/acid/smoky flavor treasured in the bigger black tomatoes that are very popular.

Yellow Bumblebee

Sunny yellow, globe-shaped fruits have a wonderfully sweet flavour, and look lovely in salads.

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