A true heirloom is an open pollinated cultivar that has been nurtured, selected, and handed down from one family member to another for many generations.  Ranelle really enjoys learning about the many different varieties of seeds and will be offering mostly heirlooms.  Some of the seeds Ranelle dries and saves every year herself so the seeds can be planted the following year. 

In addition, you will not find Kasper Creek offering anything at the market that Ranelle did not grow from seed, except jellies, jam and apple butter created in her kitchen.  


All of the varieties of products will not be available at the same time, so the Kasper’s encourage you to come to the market to see what is available each time they are at the market.   Kasper Creek opens at the market June 22rd, and we are at the market through August 31st.  Please come and visit Kasper Creek!!   


The sub-menu on "Our Products" is a listing of tomatoes, beans, and other products and a little about each one that Kasper Creek is planning to offer at the market this summer. 

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