Beans grown at Kasper Creek

Green Beans (4)


Maxibel filet bean

This elegant unsurpassed French filet bean is a must for flavor and is the elegant bean you see in European-style restaurants. Known for its long, slender, medium green pods with a delicate tender texture.


Velour French Filet Purple Bean

Standing out above all other French/filet type beans, Velour's royal, deep purple color and equally rich, satisfying flavor make this the epitome of luxury in a vegetable. The slender, smooth, round pods are straight, growing about 5 1/2 inches long.  With its extra fine texture and taste, Velour makes a delightful fresh eating bean, and also freezes exceptionally well. When cooked, the purple color changes to brilliant green.

Soleil French Filet Beans

Soleil is French for "Sun". This extraordinary, yellow French/filet bean has an unparalleled, exquisite flavor that makes a wonderful addition to any gourmet meal, and it looks great in canning jars.


Here's a bean that looks as good as it tastes! Mild, very rich, and always succulent, Tenderette lives up to its name in flavor and exceeds your expectations.




Edamame is the perfect little pick-me-up snack. You may have had it as an appetizer at a Japanese restaurant, tucked away in their fuzzy little pods and sprinkled with salt. But what exactly are those little green bean-looking things?

Edamame is a young soybean that has been harvested before the beans have had a chance to harden.

Brown Beans



This heirloom Italian bush bean is versatile, velvety and delicious.  Borlotti is perfect for classic Italian dishes as well as simple pot beans.  It is new to the market this year.

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