Our Motto


Our motto at Kasper Creek is to enjoy raising tomatoes and vegetables from seeds, provide locally grown food, and to share the heirloom story behind each vegetable, as well as some recipes.  


Kasper Creek’s goal is to add to vibrant community gathering places with locally grown fruits and primarily heirloom vegetables with family friendly customer service and a story or two.  We are proud to be in the Davidson Farmers Market starting June 22, 2019.  Be sure and look for Kasper Creek as we offer Kasper Creek jellies, jam and apple butter, heirloom tomatoes, green beans, brown beans, edamame, squash and  zucchini to the public. 


We want to share the story of heirlooms – where each came from and how the flavor of each one is uniquely different, and to create interest in others about the differences in taste as well as how to prepare, while taking some folks back to their childhood possibly, and create wonderful memories.  Having fun through all of this is key, as life is way too short!! 


Ranelle and Michael are life-long learners and love telling the story of each heirloom tomato and vegetable, as well as talking about the taste, and on occasion, a recipe or two. 



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