Our Story at Kasper Creek

Kasper Creek Farm is owned and operated in Huntersville by Ranelle and Michael Kasper.  While specializing in heirlooms, we grow 6 varieties of large tomatoes and three cherry tomatoes, stringless bush green beans, brown beans, Italian zucchini, Zephyr and Pittypat squash and Edamame.  Ranelle also makes Kasper Creek Jellies, Jams and Apple butter using some of her mom’s delicious recipes . 


Ranelle was raised on a family farm in a rural area of Southwest Virginia and graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University with a degree in Family and Consumer Sciences (known back then as Home Economics).  Michael was raised in Menlo Park, California, and graduated from Humboldt State University in Arcata, California with a degree in Business.  Throughout the years they have both had a deep interest and commitment to their family and community, and have both been very fortunate in their careers but they both yearned for something more. 


Ranelle is enjoying her fifth year of retirement from the corporate world after 33 wonderful years, and will always continue her volunteer work with nonprofit groups.  Ironically, when Ranelle was young and just starting her professional career, gardening and farming were the furthest thing from her mind.  Ranelle is thankful to have had a wonderful mother and father who taught her so much about gardening and farming, and she had no idea she would be interested in returning to that life.  Ranelle had the great fortune to spend a lot of quality time with her mom while she was living to soak up as much as possible about drying, saving, and proper storage of vegetable seeds, growing blackberries and fruit trees, planning and growing a vegetable garden, and home canning recipes as having been away from it for so long, Ranelle wanted to absorb everything she could. 


Michael’s passion has been with his work, local politics and community.  Even though some would have called him a “city slicker”, for years his dream was to own a farm and to rely on the land for as much food as possible.  Ranelle has truly turned Michael into a farmer. 


Little did Ranelle and Michael realize when they started dating, 8 years ago, that they would share the same dream.  Ranelle and Michael both feel so blessed to have met, fell in love, and then marry in late 2014, and are now overjoyed to be in 2019, their FIFTH year at Kasper Creek.  

Ranelle & Michael Kasper


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