About Kasper Creek
Our vegetable farm is a North Carolina based family business.  We are living our passion, our dream and sharing with others!  Ranelle’s mother, Earnie Quesinberry, was such a gifted gardener and she and her husband, Jackson, passed that passion and skill to the next generation.  Now, in their fifth season at Kasper Creek, the Kaspers, will carry on the tradition with delicious farm-to-table fresh products.  We were thrilled with our previous seasons at the Davidson Farmer’s Market and can’t wait to see returning customers and meet new customers at the same market starting June 22nd.  This year, we will be offering products based on customer preference from previous years and introducing some new products as well. 
Jellies/Jam/Apple Butter
Our Products


Kasper Creek will provide information about each product as far as history, flavor and possibly, if applicable, recipe ideas.  Ranelle’s favorites from her mom – selling by the half pint.


  • Heirloom Apple Butter

  • Blackberry Jelly

  • Heirloom Apple Jelly

  • Peach Jelly

  • Concord Grape Jelly

  • Strawberry Jam

  • Edamame

  • Stringless green beans - Maxibel, Velour, Soleil and Tenderettes

  • Brown beans - Borlotti – an Italian favorite

  • Zephyr Squash and Italian Zucchini

  • Heirloom tomatoes


Jelly/Jam/Apple Butter


Yummy Jellies, Jams and Apple Butter all home made with tender loving care.  Just like mom made.



This heirloom dark green bean is stringless, delicious and tender..



This heirloom Italian bush bean is versatile, velvety and delicious.  Borlotti is perfect for classic Italian dishes as well as simple pot beans. 

Aunt Ruby


One of the largest green beefsteaks. Can grow to over 1 pound and are just delicious. They have brilliant, neon-green flesh with a strong, sweet, and fruity flavor, much tastier than most red tomatoes. This family heirloom from Germany is beautiful and delicious, and was very popular at the market in 2018.

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